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Poly Products Ghana Limited

This Group flagship company was established in 1966 and manufactures Polyethylene (LLD/LD/HD) and Polypropylene film and shopping bags, as well as flexible packaging. High quality equipment in the form of mono layer and multi layer co-extruders as well as flexo / c.i. flexo / roto gravure printing machines and bag makers ensure a high quality product, so as to meet a high quality level to meet key client requirements. Key clients would include major FMCG companies with local operations, such as Unilever Ghana and Nestle Ghana.

North Industrial Area, P. O. BOX 5334, Accra-North, Ghana
Tel : 00233-302-224610/225317/224032/244309/242326
Fax: 00233-302-223690  


Poly Sacks Ghana Limited

The largest and most established woven sacks producer in Ghana supplying sacks in different shapes and sizes to various companies in the agricultural and industrial sector. The unit’s investment in state-of-the-art extrusion tape lines, looms and printing machines ensure that the rigourous demands for laminated / printed / plain sack by the agricultural and industrial sector are met.

Spintex Road-Near Coca Cola Bottling, P. O. BOX 5334 Accra-North, Ghana
Tel: 00233-302-814592/814593
Fax: 00233-302-227050
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Poly Tanks Ghana Limited

Rotational Molding Division
Water is a scarce resource. Proper storage is an important aspect of water management. Poly Tanks is the oldest and largest producer of overhead water storage tanks in Ghana. The company was set up in 1992 to tackle the poor water storage system. Polytank continues to use pioneering technology to constantly upgrade its product range comprising a wide range of water storage, septic tanks, chemical drums, dustbins, traffic cones and kiosks rotationally moulded plastic water storage tanks.

Spintex Road-Near Coca-Cola Bottling, P. O. BOX 5334 Accra-North, Ghana
Tel: 00233-302-811576/811556
Fax: 00233-302-227050
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Rigid Packaging Division - a leading rigids packaging producer in Ghana
This unit produces thin walled printable containers, industrial and beverage crates, PET performs and bottles, lubricant containers and jerry cans, for supply to key manufacturers such as Coca Cola, Diageo and SAB to meet their packaging requirements. The investment in a wide range of state-of-the-art injection and blow molding equipment and tools enables world class packaging for world class companies in Ghana.

B-515/8 Dadeban Road, North Industrial Area, P. O. BOX 5334 Accra-North, Ghana
Tel: 00233-302-223274/233581/223987
Fax: 00233-302-225436
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Poly Kraft Ghana Limited

Established in 1994, PolyKraft caters to the increasing demand of the agro and industrial sector within domestic and regional markets and supplies a wide range of customers, offering B, C, E flute , 3 and 5 ply corrugated carton boxes produced on its high quality corrugators as well as printers.

Tema Heavy Industrial Area, Sanyo Road, P. O. BOX 5334 Accra-North, Ghana
Tel: 00233-302-300487/307932
Fax: 00233-302-307930
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